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The Walla Walla Valley Business Awards Showcase presented by Baker Boyer honors outstanding business achievement and contributions in the Walla Walla Valley. The award categories were created to recognize the individuals, groups, and organizations that have demonstrated resilience, community commitment, leadership, and strong business practices. The Showcase is our opportunity to highlight the efforts of our members during the challenging times we have faced as a community.


Nominations are now closed for 2022.  Check back next fall for 2023 nominations!


Agribusiness of The Year

The Agribusiness of the Year Award recognizes a person, business or organization that has been instrumental to the success and excellence of agriculture in Walla Walla Valley, either as a farmer or in an agriculturally related field.
Core Focus of Application:
Please provide a summary of contributions to the Walla Walla Valley made by this business in regard to production agriculture, agribusiness or other agricultural organizations.

Business of The Year

This Business of the Year Award recognizes a company in business (existing for more than 3 years) that shares a commitment to professional excellence, business growth, resilience, and resource to our community.
Core Focus of Application:
• Please describe the achievements and dedication, and strong business practices this business has shown over the course of the past year.
• Explain how this business contributes and promotes the economic growth, stability and improvement of the Walla Walla Valley.

Duane Wollmuth Catalyst Award

The Duane Wollmuth Catalyst Award recognizes an individual, business or organization that collaborates and motivates to make BIG things happen in the Walla Walla Valley.
Core Focus of Application:
• Please describe this organization’s achievements over the course of the past year.
• Why was this contribution so important

• What is the lasting legacy to the Walla Walla Valley

•What were the challenges

•What problems or issues did this achievement help to solve

Non-Profit Organization of the Year

The Non-Profit Organization of the Year Award recognizes successful and impactful philanthropic efforts that bring significant benefit to the Walla Walla Valley and/or its residents.
Core Focus of Application:
Be an active 501(c) organization located and operating in the Walla Walla Valley Area
•Has shown exemplary support to the Walla Walla area through contributions and support of the community while adhering to the non-profit’s mission statement.
•Had a positive influence and impact for the citizens of the Walla Walla community.
•The mission/objective/goals of the organization reflect a community need.
•The organization has a reputation for integrity in its dealings with clients, volunteers, staff or other individual/groups.

Start-Up Business of the Year

The Start-Up Business of the Year Award recognizes a start-up company (existing for 3 years or less) that has successfully created a business plan, obtained financing and opened their doors. Every start-up has their own journey to success, and nominees of this award show a path of resiliency and strong business practices that have sustained their organization over time.
Core Focus of Application:
Must be in business for 3 years or less
•Must have a local presence in the community
•Demonstrates fiscal responsibility, financial viability and adequate capitalization

Women in Business Woman of Influence

The WIB Woman of Influence Award recognizes an inspiring, insightful, and influential Walla Walla County woman currently working in any field for her business success, career achievements and ability to lead. She displays strong leadership experience within her company or industry and is an inspiration to other women.
Core Focus of Application:
• Please describe the impact this woman has had on the community as a professional in business.
• What dynamic and outstanding accomplishments has she made to influence and lead and sustain support for the community
How does she go above and beyond

Young Entrepreneur of The Year

The Young Entrepreneur Award recognizes a local businessperson 25 years of age or younger who has displayed the necessary drive and determination to make their business a success and has remained strong in their mission and goals. With an undeniable hunger for opportunity and an overwhelming ability to find creative solutions to old problems, this individual has a viable business concept that is currently operational.
Core Focus of Application:
• Must be 25 years of age or younger
• Explain how this individual has shown a proactive approach to their business, product or service
• Please describe any achievements contributions to the community made by this individual.


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