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If you are a current member or interested in joining, you can build your business by maximizing your investment.



The Walla Walla Valley Chamber provides more than just networking. We are about gaining friends, associates and advocates for our community. The people you get to know may or may not do business with you, but the social and emotional return in building meaningful, lasting relationships can be more meaningful than the financial return you seek. As you attend events, serve on committees and interact with people outside your normal routines, you will have the opportunity to interact with all types of people. This in turn will create better relationship building skills that can crossover to improve non-business aspects of your life as well.



Nothing sells your business better than being in front of people face to face. Business is so much more than simple transactions of money for goods/services with its root in relationships.

You are the business; the business is you. Chambers provide so many opportunities to spend time with potential friends and clients in non-transaction based functions that you will be top of mind when they or someone they know is looking for your product/service.



The Walla Walla Valley Chamber offers a wide-range of advertising options and sponsorship packages. A business can sponsor entire programs or events through a chamber. Beyond the paid advertising options, we also have ways to provide additional business promotion through monthly and annual awards, social media, regular newsletters and printed materials.

We are always looking for member-related news to share with the community through our own advertising networks and social media networks.


Community Connection

We are a not-for-profit organization desired to lift the economy and sustain a thriving business community. We work very closely with government officials and other organizations to provide a representative business voice when needed. Your business is important and has a voice. The Chamber can help connect you with other community members as well as represent you and your business in multiple capacities.


Ongoing Training & Education

The Walla Walla Valley Chamber of Commerce provides an inexpensive way to bridge the gap between no training and topic-expert training. There may not be better organizations at providing relevant speakers and guest trainers in a timely manner than the Chamber. Our goal is to provide the link to information and resources your business needs.


Programs & Events

Membership in the Walla Walla Valley Chamber of Commerce provides access to all of our programs and events.  Chamber events include business training luncheons, networking specific events, awards banquets, golf tournaments, community celebration events and many others. All of these events are designed to build your business in some fashion, whether through training, promotion, networking or community service and can be the perfect addition to the other methods a business employs for building their business

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